Nearly two-thirds of Americans (65%) are similarly upbeat about their economy, with their assessment up 48 points. And the economic mood has improved 40 points in Poland, 35 points in the United Kingdom, 34 points in Japan and 24 points in Kenya since the depth of the Great Recession.

CoreLogic: July home prices increase 3.8% Annual U.S. home-price growth accelerates for the first time in 14 months The HPI Forecast indicates prices will increase 5.6% by May 2020 Annual home price growth by state varied from a 1.7%.Households likely to deleverage debt with underwater mortgage defaults: Report Regardless of a Bailout, US Economy is Decelerating – And they are not likely. the report is a negative for third quarter GDP. In my opinion, the stimulus package revealed the staggering dependence of US households on debt supported spending. Cash.

StrategyOne Survey: Two-Thirds of Americans Expect Double-Dip Recession, Brace for Second Hit Worse Than the First. Among those who expect a double-dip recession, nearly half (44%) fear it will.

There have been as many as 47 recessions in the United States dating back to the Articles of Confederation, and although economists and historians dispute certain 19th-century recessions, the consensus view among economists and historians is that "The cyclical volatility of GNP and unemployment was greater before the Great Depression than it has been since the end of World War II."

Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe their financial security and recovery is in their own hands. Closing the job-skills gap can help affected Americans recover. The Great Recession is nearly..

Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans feel double dip Recession The First Command financial behaviors index report illustrates that the continuing economic turmoil is becoming a way of life for middle-class consumers.

That number tracks closely with the two-thirds. class Americans who feel that undocumented immigrants bear at least some responsibility for America’s current economic conditions (nearly 80 percent.

For all the talk these days of porous borders and external threats to the United States, the core of our sense. the American dream was no longer attainable for most Americans. Way back in booming.

These were among the many millions of Americans who spent the holidays hurting. As the report states: “The recession has been a cataclysm that will have an enduring effect. It is hard to overstate the.

Almost two-thirds of Americans believe a "double-dip" recession is imminent. And that’s not nearly all, according to a recent survey. The survey, which was conducted by StrategyOne , polled more than a thousand american consumers.

Overall, nearly two thirds of Americans, 64 percent, expect that the nation will still be in a recession next year, while another 18 percent fear a depression is coming. Just 16 percent believe the recession will be over a year from now. Those Americans who are unemployed expressed grave concern about the labor market.

MBA urges FHA to adopt QM safe harbor We expect to begin acquiring non-QM. MBA Refinance Index surged in January. This was in marked contrast to the fourth quarter of 2014, when interest rates also dropped substantially, but.Investors fill RMBS appetite with jumbo whole loans Warehouse lines are short term credit facilities secured by the funded loans until they are sold to an investor. appetite of banks for mortgage risk. When banks step back from mortgage origination.