The $97.8 million fund is part of a roughly $1.6 billion settlement Arizona reached in February 2012 with five of the nation’s largest mortgage servicers. The landmark $26 billion national. for.

 · Michigan Attorney general bill schuette joined more than 40 others states in what turned out to be a $26 billion settlement with lenders in response to allegations of faulty foreclosure processes.

The next housing shock, Bank Fraud Robo Signing for Forclosure The $25 billion mortgage. settlement also provides a model for reforming servicing standards and providing principal reductions. HUD spokesman Derrick Plummer said that although the deal stood at.

This post has been updated. You might be wondering what the $26 billion foreclosure settlement with the big banks and states means for you, your home and the local housing market. The answer is.

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) — The foreclosure settlement could result in more foreclosure pain in the short-term as lenders and servicers will be able to. of Justice announced on Thursday a broad $26.

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The biggest chunk of the settlement, about $17 billion, will be used to reduce the debt for about 1 million underwater homeowners on the verge of foreclosure. One out of every five Americans with a mortgage owes more than their properties are currently worth — an average of about $50,000 more.

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DAYTON – Ohio is one of 42 states that have agreed to sign a $26 billion proposed settlement with the nation’s biggest mortgage lenders over foreclosure abuses, according to the Ohio Attorney.

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While the headline of TBTF banks in a $25bil mortgage. of a settlement if it ensures that responsible borrowers are treated fairly throughout the foreclosure process; while at the same time.

Two charts show where Americans stand on housing As the housing scene deteriorated, more Americans sought to rent. On a family by family basis, this made economic sense. But on a national scale, the two-year explosion in rent demand put a huge strain on supply in major metro areas. Rental vacancies fell, and rental prices rose.

After months of difficult negotiations, government authorities announced Thursday that they have reached a $26 billion settlement with five of the nation’s biggest banks over their flawed and fraudulent foreclosure practices. The deal is intended to help troubled borrowers by lowering their mortgage rates and the amounts they owe on their homes.

The Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight said today the banks – Ally, Bank of America, Citi, Chase and Wells – have completed a total of $26 billion in relief to more than 300,000 consumers.

So, $26 billion settlement spread over 2 million borrowers averages $13,000 per borrower. [The original number was 1 million borrowers, but today’s announcement raised it to 2 million].To be sure, default and foreclosure is a traumatic and horrible event for most borrowers and I have great sympathy for them.