· There’s an almost constant investment push-pull going on between safety and growth. Safety offers protection of principal, but not much future potential. In fact, with today’s interest rates, safe investments can lose money through inflation. That’s where growth becomes necessary. It has risks, but the best long-term investments will overcome those risks, and grow your.

The relatively low barriers to entry, combined with strong fundamentals between 2012-2016, promoted a wave of new development.

Will Americans move to rural areas to find affordable housing? Because of higher, more persistent levels of poverty and limited access to affordable mortgage credit, rural communities often struggle to meet the housing needs of its residents. If you move from a big city to a big city or from a small town to a small town, This post isn’t going to hit on all the destinations are affordable, but these are.

Even though REITs will be negatively impacted when interest rates push higher, they may still be a better bet than bond funds, as the cost of borrowing will still be very low for some time to come.

Owning stocks is a great way to build wealth with less hassle and ongoing maintenance and taxes compared to owning real estate. For older investors who are busy taking care of kids and working stressful jobs, stocks may be the better way to invest.

It is well-known that over long-time periods, REITs have consistently achieved higher returns than stocks and bonds. We think that the factors that led to this outperformance in the past; remain.

The beauty of REITs, for income investors, is that they are required to distribute 90% of their taxable income to shareholders annually, in the form of dividends. In return, REITs typically do not pay corporate taxes. As a result, many of the 171 dividend-paying REITs we track offer high dividend yields of 5%+.

"There are a lot of local markets and types of real estate where landlords can push higher on rental rates. stocks, and when the stock market falls, you can expect your REIT to fall, too. As always.

Kimco Realty Corp. stock price, stock quotes and financial overviews from MarketWatch.

Fewer people filing for unemployment Fewer Americans than forecast file for unemployment. –  · Fewer Americans than forecast filed for unemployment benefits last week, with applications hovering just above a four-decade low, a Labor department report showed Thursday. The current level of claims is the lowest since they reached a 44-year low of 227,000 in the week ended Feb. 25. Applications.

Now, though, the economy has gained momentum, and the Federal Reserve looks ready to raise interest rates this year from their record low. Conventional. would rising rates push investors to dump.

Will sexual harassment claims cost SoFi its bank charter? Once a darling of Silicon Valley, SoFi has fallen from its pedestal after a series of lawsuits and sexual harassment allegations. In September, the company replaced cagney amid claims that he. an.

Many dividend investors wonder how higher interest rates will impact REITs, and for good reason. Over the past few years, interest rates have fallen to their lowest levels in recorded history.

NEW YORK, ny–(marketwire -10/03/11)- high yielding REIT stocks have struggled immensely since the Federal Reserve announced it will push long term interest rates lower last month. Mortgage REITs.