York County Landowners Win Injunction to Halt Eminent Domain for TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline. The ruling in York County follows a Holt County District Court decision on Feb. 13 that similarly granted a preliminary injunction halting TransCanada’s eminent domain proceedings against Nebraska farmers and ranchers.

The parties contest whether the Texas eminent domain scheme should be viewed as separate proceedings (in which case the Anti-Injunction Act would not bar a federal court from enjoining the distinct administrative process) or as one proceeding that morphs from an administrative phase into a judicial phase (in which case the Act would bar.

On Thursday night, federal district court Judge Derrick Watson refused to. style its motion as a request for injunctive relief, rather than a "clarification" of the Supreme Court’s order..

 · ”I wish to thank Judge Gilbride for hearing our request for the injunction to prevent TransCanada from proceeding with eminent domain condemnation,” said landowner Susan Dunavan. “This gives us the time we need to pursue the resolution of the constitutionality of LB 1161.

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(a) A court may issue an injunction or temporary restraining order prohibiting subsurface drilling or mining operations only if an adjacent landowner filing an application claims that a wrongful act caused injury to his surface or improvements or loss of or injury to his minerals and if the party against whom the injunction is sought is unable.

Households likely to deleverage debt with underwater mortgage defaults: Report Households making progress on deleveraging – MarketWatch – In the second quarter, household debt fell for the 12th consecutive quarter, falling at a 0.6% annual rate. Read our full coverage of the Fed’s report on household debt declining for 12 quarters.

Judge declines to keep eminent domain case on tap.. and threatened that it might invoke eminent domain if its offers were refused. But using that municipal power of forced seizure would require.

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Federal Judge Denies Injunction in Eminent Domain Case. A federal judge has denied wells fargo’s request for an injunction against the rollout of a California city’s controversial eminent domain plan for rescuing underwater borrowers, housingwire reported sept. 17.

Google v Canada: Google wins injunction against Canadian Supreme Court Order Lawyers for Richmond and MRP urged Breyer to turn down the request for an injunction, saying any lawsuits over the city’s use of eminent domain belong in state court if it is used. Edward Burg, a Los Angeles lawyer specializing in California eminent domain law, sees the city prevailing on the injunction matter.