Do it wrong, and you risk up-ending the world's largest housing market.. If the goal of GSE reform is to foster competition and materially. Any further losses are then absorbed by the next tranche (B1). There have been some proposals for the GSEs to buy.. Instead, we suggest that CFPB issue a list of.

The GOP in the House has pledged to take up GSE reform early in the Congressional year, though it is unclear what priority the Senate is giving a fix for the housing finance system. But as most economic outlooks for 2011 indicate, a bad housing market is going to be the biggest drag on GDP growth in the coming year.

I’m inclined to dismiss this as largely noise. That said it does further elevate the importance of the jobless claims numbers in the next couple weeks. to get key progressives on board with GSE.

GSE reform proposals next on the to-do list. craig phillips, Treasury point person on GSE reform, reportedly stepping down. MBA to Congress: Here’s the roadmap you need to tackle GSE reform.

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Yet notwithstanding any post-election reconsideration of the key elements of bipartisan consensus in Johnson-Crapo, there remain a host of other issues that could derail another run at comprehensive GSE reform, including: capital requirements, the appropriate contours of the mortgage "credit box," and the effects of reform on the average.

Proponents of GSE reform say the status quo isn’t working for investors, who they say assume all the risk with the loans purchased by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. When these loans go bad, it’s the.

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6 days ago. And, as pointed out in the paper, the reforms to date can easily be. of how comprehensive reform proposals – if Congress could ever agree on.

Obama stresses refi plan won’t ‘solve all problems’ Obama ‘More of the Same’ Overregulation Plan Won’t Fix Financial Crisis President Should Lessen Burdensome, Ineffective Mandates, Like Sarbanes-Oxley Washington, D.C., June 17, 2009 – President Obama is scheduled today to unveil a financial regulation plan that would impose new restrictions and government controls on the nation’s banking system.

The first task of reform is to find investors who are willing to take the first-loss positions in mortgage loans. If the reformed markets are able to attract new capital without any change in the.

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As much as advocates would love it if the proposal were bulletproof, it isn’t. That means that there’s still a job to do in persuading the public. there is already a long and growing list of.