This gingerbread house is the worst real estate investment ever It’s being called the world’s most expensive gingerbread house. The price tag? $77,910. For less than two square feet, that undoubtedly makes it the worst real estate investment ever.

Hot Wheels Race Off - All New Cars 2018 ( more on the way ) CoreLogic: Foreclosures decline 16% in July CoreLogic Reports Lowest U.S. Foreclosure Rate for a March in at Least 20 Years; Overall and Serious Delinquency Rates for a March at 13 Year Lows. through March and should decline further in.2018 HW Insiders: Brittany Christerson A Tale of Two Loan Modifications, As Investors Sue Countrywide Is.

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written by steveik September 4, 2018 Last week on LendingLife, we ran a fun spot on the most-loved mortgage lenders, judging by their score on the employee-rating website, Glassdoor. We at LendingLife prefer to present the positive aspects of housing and mortgage finance when possible, so we jumped at the idea of publishing such a list.

Sharga: Several more years with nearly 1M foreclosures per year  · Colorado has had 30k+ foreclosures per year for the last 3 years in a row. In 2009 there were only 40k total sales in the MLS. Do the math! You can put a positive spin on real estate as much as you want, but until you have more willing and qualified buyers than sellers prices will not rise.Negative equity rate drops at a record pace Households likely to deleverage debt with underwater mortgage defaults: report Calafia Beach Pundit: Households continue to deleverage – Households continue to deleverage. Many argue that too much debt on the part of U.S. households was one of the contributing factors to the 2008-09 recession. Whether that’s true or not, households have managed to deleverage impressively since late 2007.. Mortgage defaults undoubtedly have.Despite the lower growth rate, borrower equity hit a new high in Q1 2019, and borrowers have gained $5.6 trillion in equity since the end of 2011 when equity stopped declining. The nationwide negative equity share for Q1 2019 was 4.1% of all homes with a mortgage, more than 20 percentage points lower than the peak negative equity share – 26%.

2018 HW Insiders: Shannon Faries Season 13 returns with an episode that focuses mostly on catching up with the cast (with some time thrown in for rope climbing). A recap of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 Episode 1.

Looks like it’s going to be an all-out rager for Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright! The engaged Vanderpump Rules pair is already wedding planning – and definitely thinking about the menu.

Beyonce Blasted For ‘terrible’ lion king Voice Over!! (58% Rotten Tomatoes)

2018 Footlights People's Choice Awards are available on.. touching to see how the music of an artist can.. Get an insider's look at the play from a.. Felix Ramsey, Sarah Shepherd, Brittany Vinz. Crystal Christenson.

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Nationstar doubles profit as servicing becomes more profitable 2013 was a period of significant accomplishment for nationstar. hard work and dedication from our employees. long-term servicing assets at a profit that will supplement and sustain our servicing portfolio.. We refocused the platform to our more profitable consumer direct channel, which.Here are the 3Q bank earnings to watch for this week PIMCO cuts mortgage-backed securities holdings Lennar earnings soar amid positive builder news Existing U.S. Home Sales Decline as Supply Drops – “There are a lot of reasons to be positive on housing,” said Tom Simons. Construction companies are showing an improvement in earnings as the market turns. Miami-based Lennar Corp., the.PTRIX | A complete PIMCO Mortgage-Backed Securities Fund;Institutional mutual fund overview by MarketWatch. View mutual fund news, mutual fund market and mutual fund interest rates.Learn when companies announce their quarterly, annual earnings. See the latest eps estimates. listen to the conference call and remind yourself by adding it to your calendar.What a Modern Depression Looks Like There is much debate about the nature vs nurture causes of depression in modern society, but the potential link to the inherited Neanderthal HLA receptor is one of the more fascinating possibilities. There is no suggestion that Neanderthals themselves suffered from mental disorders like depression.